why not sundays?

For a better part of western civilization's history, the church building has been the lifeline of Christian activity. The Christian ritual has been firm and repetitive: Go to your desired church service, sit in your desired seat (or pew), listen to someone speak for 30 minutes (or more), sing a few songs, shake a few hands, go home, live your normal life, and then repeat next Sunday.

But the "Christian life" we see in Scripture is a far cry from today's religious systems. You see, in days of old, the lifeline of Christian activity thrived outside of the 4 walls of a building. Believers ate meals together. They prayed together. They worshiped together. They ministered to each other. They encouraged one another. 

All outside the walls of a religious building.

Then, somewhere along the lines, our culture shifted. Out of necessity, demand, common sense, habit, or comfort, Christian activity slowly became centered around a Christian building. Suddenly, the arms and hands, and legs and feet that were once thriving in neighborhoods, family dinner tables, and city streets grew stiff – pressing "pause" on Monday-Saturday, and waiting to press "play" again once the church doors opened on Sunday morning.

Our desire at BSM North is to return the arms and hands, and legs and feet back to the neighborhoods, family dinner tables, and city streets. We have a growing zeal to see the Church thrive outside the church building.


Now, there may be some concern from people who might cry out, "But what about the part where we're called to 'not neglect to gather together..'?" [Hebrews 10:25] Thankfully, we're not neglecting to gather together! Along with the reality that believers are commanded to meet together in a community setting, we believe that there is so much value and life to be had when we gather together, pray for each other, minister to each other, worship together, and encourage each other inside the walls of a church building! 

It's because of this importance, that our Wednesday Night service SUMMIT will continue!


But for us at BSM North, we've realized that our long-standing behavior has been telling people to "Come to us. Come to our service. Come to our event. Come to our class." But we've felt a large stirring from the Lord compelling us to declare that we would be a people who would "Go to them. Go to their neighborhood. Go to their streets. Go to their homes."

And it is because of this that we've decided to change the gathering function of BSM North. Our Wednesday Nights will still be our corporate gathering time. A time to worship, pray, encourage, and minister to each other. But these nights will serve as a catalyst to "go." We will charge our leaders, students, and lifegroups to be more involved in the community. More involved at their dinner tables. More involved in their school hallways. More involved in the streets.

May we be known as followers of Jesus who thrive outside the walls of a church building.

May we be known as followers of Jesus who go to them.