Questions 2018

Life's Toughest Questions – Q&A Part I

This week in our Live Q&A session with Pastor Braden, we cover topics of Homosexuality, Abortion, Community, Depression, Spiritual Gifts, the Voice of God, Suicide, and more.

Individual Questions

QUESTION 1 – Is homosexuality a sin?

QUESTION 2 – Can I watch secular television or music?

QUESTION 3 – How do you approach an Atheist?

QUESTION 4 – Is abortion a sin?

QUESTION 5 – What happens to babies when they die?

QUESTION 6 – If God could do anything He wanted, why won't he take away my depression?

QUESTION 7 – How do I share the love of Jesus with someone who doesn't want it?

QUESTION 8 – Is it okay for someone to desire death, and what happens when someone commits suicide?

QUESTION 9 – How do I know if it's the voice of God, or if it's just me?

QUESTION 10 – What are Spiritual Gifts, and what are their purpose?

QUESTION 11 – How do I make a difference in school?

QUESTION 12 – How important is community, and can I thrive in my relationship with God without it?

Life's Toughest Questions – Why Does Evil Exist?

Followers of Jesus claim that God is good. But with school shootings, murders, natural disasters, and wars consuming the news, our world around us seems overwhelmed by chaos and evil. How could a good God allow this?

Selected Text: Romans 1:20 & 8:18-25, John 16:33, Ephesians 2:1-5