Different – Q&A

Our leaders answer questions submitted by students.

Listen to the entire Q&A here:


QUESTION 1 – How can you stand up in your faith if a lot of people at your school try to degrade you and push you down?

QUESTION 2 – I’m trying to go all for God but it’s hard because my friends say they’re Christians but never act like it. How do I keep my friends and still be fully for God?

QUESTION 3 – How can I be “different” as a Christian, but still relatable with non-Christians? A lot of Christians I know are out of touch with non-Christians, but Jesus was able to hang out and be relatable to everyone.

QUESTION 4 – What if we are wanting to date someone but they are not a Christian?

QUESTION 5 – What does it actually look like to be "different" as a Christian on social media?

QUESTION 6 – With so many religions, how can we know that Jesus is the only way to God? / How do you know you're following the right God when there are so many other options (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, etc.)?

QUESTION 7 – How do you learn to love people and Jesus more? / What are some ways we can love others that don't love us?

QUESTION 8 – How can you forgive someone or try to apologize when all they do is talk about you and ignore you? / How do you forgive someone who doesn't love you?

QUESTION 9 – How do I get my friend to come to church?

QUESTION 10 – How do we study the Bible? Where do we start?

QUESTION 11 – How can you learn to be happy when people make you feel worthless?

QUESTION 12 – What is the best way to gather others to Christ without it feeling like you're trying to be against them?

QUESTION 13 – How can I speak the word of God towards my friends and show them God's love whenever they don't listen to me and call me a liar?

QUESTION 14 – How does one have such a strong conviction, so much that they'd be willing to change?

QUESTION 15 – My friend doesn't go to the same church as me, so how do I grow with them spiritually if I don't see them on Sundays and Wednesdays?