Life's Toughest Questions – Q&A Part I

This week in our Live Q&A session with Pastor Braden, we cover topics of Homosexuality, Abortion, Community, Depression, Spiritual Gifts, the Voice of God, Suicide, and more.

Individual Questions

QUESTION 1 – Is homosexuality a sin?

QUESTION 2 – Can I watch secular television or music?

QUESTION 3 – How do you approach an Atheist?

QUESTION 4 – Is abortion a sin?

QUESTION 5 – What happens to babies when they die?

QUESTION 6 – If God could do anything He wanted, why won't he take away my depression?

QUESTION 7 – How do I share the love of Jesus with someone who doesn't want it?

QUESTION 8 – Is it okay for someone to desire death, and what happens when someone commits suicide?

QUESTION 9 – How do I know if it's the voice of God, or if it's just me?

QUESTION 10 – What are Spiritual Gifts, and what are their purpose?

QUESTION 11 – How do I make a difference in school?

QUESTION 12 – How important is community, and can I thrive in my relationship with God without it?