3 Ways to Actually Prioritize Jesus

In my walk with Christ I frequently get caught up in things that I am supposed to do. Not only do I get caught up in things that I feel like the Bible wants me to do, but I also get caught up in pleasing people that want things from me. As a teenager, my teachers, coaches, parents, and even church leaders were consistently asking me to do more and more for them. I never knew which was more important!

As I’ve gotten older, I have found that prioritizing all of these things is a lot easier when I am putting Jesus first in my life. But how do you actually do that?


I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for me to have a routine where I am specifically setting aside time to talk to Jesus and read my bible every day. In the story of Daniel, we see that Daniel was devoted to his schedule with God. The Bible says:

“Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God.” Daniel 6:10

I’m not Daniel, but I’m pretty confident that this is why Daniel was close enough to God that he was able to live, even when he was thrown in a den with lions. Putting Jesus first means taking your time with Him seriously enough that it deserves to be on your calendar.


This is one of my biggest struggles. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who only talked about themselves and never let you talk? I think that is how we pray a lot of the time. In the Psalms, the author writes:

“Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.” -Psalm 25:4

Take 3 deep breaths and pray that prayer 5 times. Then, sit and listen. Putting Jesus first means wanting to hear His voice, not just telling Him all of our struggles.


Earlier today my friend called me and said, “Hey, I remember that you told me you had a busy week. How is it going?” That was a great way to show me that he cared for me. Jesus does not ask us to be God. That is impossible. He tells us to:

“Love your neighbor as yourself” -Matthew 22:39

God created humans, so of course He wants us to love each other! And putting Jesus first means that you put other people’s priorities ahead of your own.

Prioritizing Jesus is not an easy task, and trust me, this is not an exhaustive list of every way to put Him first in your life. However, these three practical steps have helped me to make sure that I am walking in a way that is pleasing to Him every day of my life.

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3 Ways to Avoid A Wasted Summer

Summer is quickly approaching (collective sigh of relief and group high fives)! But before you submit that last assignment and walk down your hallway for the last time this school year, remember these three things so your Summer won't be wasted.

1) Stay Connected to (Real) Friends

Keyword, 'real'. This Summer, you're finally going to have a ton of free time. And truth is, this could be really great for you! But it could also be really bad for you. One of the best things you can do this Summer (and every day) is to stay connected to a 'real' friend. A fake friend will tell you what you want to hear, push you into situations you shouldn't be in, and encourage behavior that could be damaging to you (and others) emotionally and physically. But a true friend loves at all times, will tell you what you need to hear (even when it's uncomfortable), and wants what is best for you. 

So ask yourself honestly, "Do I have any friends like that?" If not, reach out to someone. You've got a lot more free time this Summer, but don't spend it alone. Stay connected to a real friend.

But you know what? Don't just stay connected to 'real' friends – BE a 'real' friend to somebody this Summer.

2) go on an adventure

We get it. Netflix is an endless oasis of entertainment, and sometimes vegging on the couch until your eyes fall out seems like the best post-school cure. But instead of waiting for the next season of New Girl to drop, take a trip outside. Call up one of your (real) friends and go on a drive. Go explore Buffalo Gap. Take a lunchtime adventure to Clyde Pizza House (seriously the best pizza on the planet. It's scientifically proven). Hike the trails at the state park. Hammack under the trees of ACU, McM, or HSU. Whatever it is, ditch the isolation of your room and go breathe the fresh Summer air!

3) Go to BSM Camp!

We're SO pumped for BSM Camp this Summer!! Not only is camp a BLAST each year (we're talking zip-lines, volleyball, swimming pools, massive games, epic lip sync battles, and more), but it also provides an amazing environment for you to go outside, unplug from the routine of life, deepen your love for Jesus, experience Him in new ways, and spend a week together with some incredible people who turn into (real) lifelong friends. Is there any better way to spend a week of your Summer? We're not totally convinced that there is. So what are you waiting for? Let's go!

There are a million things to do this Summer that will be pulling at your attention and time. And what you decide to do will make or break your next few months. But if you stay connected to your (real) friends, go on an adventure or two (or ten), and come hang out with us at BSM Camp, we promise your Summer won't be wasted.


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