I’ve Got This

Does He really have this?

Anxiety. The word itself stirs up so many different emotions in different people. As a teenager I struggled a lot with anxiety, to the point of having recurring panic attacks. They kept me crippled by fear because I had no idea when one was going to happen. The older I’ve gotten the more freedom I have found from these attacks, but as we’ve entered this series, Above the Noise as a church, I’ve found myself coming face to face with the fears and anxieties that I thought I had already taken care of. This series has made me come to terms with the fact that I may not be dealing with my anxiety in the way the Lord has called me to deal with it. 

            For instance, the Lord revealed to me at the very beginning of this series that I had been running to social media to numb the fears and hurts I had been feeling. Instead of running to the Father I was running to the exact thing that kept making my anxiety worse. After not listening to the Lord for about a week I discovered my anxiety had reached a point that was not ok anymore, and I eventually deleted all of my social media apps on my phone. I was hiding my fears and my anxieties from the Lord, or at least I thought I was. 

            This series has been showing me that anxiety really boils down to a lack of trust in our heavenly Father. Can I trust the Father with my fears? My anxieties? My desires? My heart? Over the last few weeks I’ve really had to think about how I would answer those questions. One week of the series Pastor David said as we come to Father over and over again we hear him whisper “I’ve got this.” Three simple words that have brought so much comfort and healing to my tired and weary soul. I’ve got this. 

            When I finally stopped running to social media to meet my need for security I realized the Father had been there all along just waiting for me to come to Him. Since deleting my social media apps and being intentional about spending time in the Word of God, I have experienced healing and freedom from wounds. I’ve experienced less anxiety, and a confidence in knowing that my Jesus really does indeed “got this.”

            If there was one thing I want students to know it’s that God really is good, and that you can run to Him with all your anxieties. Social media is great, but when it becomes the object we’re running to over God, there’s a problem. It will never be able to give you the security Jesus gives us. Social media will never be able to tell us, “I’ve got this,” like our heavenly Father can. Seek him and His presence and be amazed at the ways He will show up for you. You’re His kid, and He wants to show you just how much He loves you.